A good marketing strategist understands how important it is to monitor the data gained during the course of the campaign. One of the key elements that help in the subsequent assessment of the company's activities is source analysis.

Potential customers can get to the product page in a variety of ways. Ultimately, it should be done through an advertisement displayed somewhere online, for example in social media. It happens, however, that the user becomes acquainted with the product differently and enters the manufacturer's website using the search engine. Regardless of the source, it's important to gather this information as it will be used to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. It may turn out that the advertising activities carried out do not bring sufficient effects and there is a need to introduce changes.

By tracking the effectiveness of the campaign, one can find out, among others:

• where the recipients come from;

• how many users visit the site;

• how many users complete a purchase in the store.

The measurements are done through special tools such as Where-To-Buy. It is a widget designed by 100shoppers.com, but at the same time it serves as an advanced analytical tool. On the one hand, it is an integrated button that shows customers a list of stores where they can buy goods. In this simple way, it is possible to increase sales by directing customers to the checkout faster. On the other hand, the presence of a widget on the website enables collecting data on sales, as well as customer behavior, including the observation of their shopping cart. The website user has a choice where he wants to buy the product, due to the best price, habits, or any other reason.

The data collected by the Where-To-Buy widget can be downloaded in the form of transparent statistics and reports. They are a valuable source of information on the effectiveness of the campaign. They can then be used as a basis for introducing changes to the strategy and for planning new campaigns. From the financial point of view, such a tool allows creating a cost-effective budget, especially taking into account source analysis and stock analysis.

This innovative tool is already used by many well-known brands. Just look how the widget has been used effectively by such manufacturers as Casio, G-Shock, Remington or Russel Hobbs which have implemented the tools on their websites.

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